About Us


PayGreen is EnergyIntel’s solution to any Commercial & Industrial electricity consumer to significantly reduce the consumption from fuel related electricity, thus saving thousands of euro in electricity Bills.

PayGreen is one of our solution that will be deployed for boosting the faster growth of Self-Consumption Energy from Photovoltaic and other Renewable Energy technologies.

It will contribute to any consumer’s effort and to the National Target of Cyprus to reverse climate change and support the European initiatives towards the goals on renewable energy penetration in the energy mix and eventually for emission reductions.

Background / Story

EnergyIntel team has identified the need of the market for Green Electricity to be delivered for high demand electricity consumers at the most attractive way.

The team was very well aware of the constraints that kept the consumers back from proceeding with installing photovoltaics on their premises; with the 2 most important factors being the initial capital required and the technology risk.

Having these in mind, EnergyIntel started building up a solution based on which the decision of customers will be made easier and effortless; inventing an innovative set of solution that could be used together and would provide Green Electricity to everyone at the lowest cost and highest quality and the most important that would be sold as a Service.

The solution was named PayGreen which actually leads to the idea of consumers paying for a service which is producing Green electricity for them. In order to safeguard the success of PayGreen, EnergyIntel team has strategically decided to team up with a reputable investor which could share the same vision and principles and by using the existing network of partners has eventually joined forces with Reconcept Green Global Investments.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of PayGreen: