Our Team



Marios Alexandrou

Chief Operations Officer

Marios is a leading consultant and contractor in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) industry in Cyprus. He is the co-founder of Energy Intel Services which provides consulting services to investment funds for the development of energy projects in CEE and acts as a certified partner to several renewable energy suppliers. Marios project managed the design and installation of several PV power plants in Cyprus and Greece (100KW-3MW) and also acts as the consultant to the CSP (solarthermal) projects in Cyprus (50MW capacity each) that received NER300 funding. He is also certified for the Dimensioning and Installation of Large Scale Solar Thermal Systems and PVs for Heating/Cooling/Electricity Production

Kyriakos Hapeshis

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer, skilled in Environmental awareness, waste management, energy, chemical engineering and environmental engineering. Strong operations and professional with Master’s degree focused in chemical engineering.

Eugenia Herodotou

Chief Executive Officer

Eugenia Herodotou has completed her undergraduate studies in Economics & Finance and Minor Mathematics at the University of Indianapolis. In 2002 she was awarded a MSc in Economics, Finance and Management from University of Bristol. She is co-founder and co-owner of EnergyIntel since 2006. Eugenia is responsible for the General Management of all sectors within the company. Her work experiences the last 16 years were analyzing market trends and segments, studying competition, applying internally developed marketing plans, coordination of EU Funded Calls and further project implementation.

Xenios Xenofontos

Managing Member

Xenios is a renewable energy consultant and developer. He is the CEO of P.F.X.T.Thermosolar Renewables Ltd, the owner of Helios Power, a CSP project. He is also co-founder of Aerotricity Ltd, a 2.4MW wind farm operating in Cyprus since 2010. He also owns and operates a number of small PV parks. Xenios has 17 years of financial services industry experience. He worked at Bank of Cyprus for 13 years where his last role was Corporate Banking Development Manager; during his tenure at the bank he gained experience in business development, project risk assessment and internal process re-engineering. He also worked at CNH Capital Markets as corporate manager being responsible for mergers and acquisitions and public company listing and at National Bank of Greece (Cyprus) Ltd as Corporate Banking Manager, with the remit of developing the corporate loan portfolio.

Karsten Reetz

Managing Partner of the reconcept Group

Karsten Reetz has been with the company as an executive since 2006. Mr Reetz is a banking specialist who established reconcept as a full-fledged investment house in 2010, since than he has expanded the international scope of the reconcept Group investments by developing and acquiring more projects outside Germany, after Spain, Finland, Canada now Cyprus.

Knut Voigtländer

Investment Manager

Knut Voigtländer, born in 1972, joined reconcept in 2014. As an Investment Manager his tasks focus on the identification of profitable projects in the renewable energy sector and their acquisition, the preparation of earnings forecasts and the management of project financing processes. The graduate economist looks back on many years of experience in the areas of fund conception as well as project and investment management; among other things, as managing partner he was responsible for the trust and fund management for several public fund companies in the segments shipping, clean energy and multi-asset. In addition, he worked for well-known German issuing houses as a senior conceptual designer for real asset investments.

Julia Klaus

Investment Manager

Julia Klaus, born in 1993, has been in charge of reconcept’s international project management as an investment manager since 2020 – from the development to the sale of renewable energy assets. In addition, the graduate economic scientist accompanies the creation and implementation of the company’s climate and sustainability strategies as well as the associated management of this area. Previously, she worked in management consulting with a focus on digital transformation and in auditing. With her double qualification as a M.Sc. economist and China expert, she has mainly served international clients in both auditing and traditional M&A business. Among her other projects, she worked on buy-and-sell-side projects for the digitalisation of business models or conceptualised and executed a business accelerator for e-commerce start-ups.